The Best Fried Chicken in Ohio: Trumbull County Edition

Drum or a thigh, wings or a breast, we set out to discover where in Trumbull County you need to stop for the best fried chicken in town. From Greek-inspired cuisine to top-notch flavor at a local pizza place, it's never a bad time to enjoy some crispy fried chicken.

From Greek-inspired cuisine and fresh ingredients to top-notch flavor at a local pizza place, it’s never a bad time to enjoy some crispy fried chicken. Drum or a thigh, wings or a breast, we set out to discover where in Trumbull County you need to stop for the best fried chicken in town. In no particular order, according to our unofficial poll over on Facebook and Instagram, here are the top six places with fried chicken on the menu that you need to check out!

Pressure Cooked Greek Fried Chicken from Buena Vista Café – Warren

Buena Vista Café has been around since 1956, and while its pressure-cooked Greek fried chicken wasn’t originally on the menu, it quickly became a local favorite! This multi-generation, family-run Italian Food Trail site packs bold flavor and a unique approach to fried chicken, making it an im-peck-able choice. As Nick likes to say, “If the colonel had our recipe, he’d be a general!”. You can enjoy their classic 4pc chicken dinner with one breast, leg, thigh, and wing served with Texas potatoes and coleslaw at the original location in Warren. You can also check out their Howland location, Buena Vista II.

Visit Buena Vista Café

Broasted Chicken from Belleria Italian Restaurant and Sports Bar -Hubbard

Belleria Italian Restaurant

Broasted chicken is a unique dish fried in oil and finished in a pressure cooker. This distinct style is far from fowl play, delivering an extra crunch on the outside with moist, juicy meat on the inside, and Belleria in Hubbard is just the place to go when you’re ready to give it a try. Established in 1957, Belleria delivers quality ingredients and freshly made pizzas and pasta sauces. Whether you’re looking for a two-piece or four-piece, dark meat or white, Belleria in Hubbard packs a punch at an affordable price, making it an easy addition to this list.

Stop by Belleria Italian Restaurant & Sports Bar

Classic Fried Chicken from Carmen’s Pizza – Warren

If their broccoli-topped vegetable pizza is any indication, Carmen’s Pizza will never shy away from bold flavors and big choices. Their crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside fried chicken is no exception and doesn’t hold anything back, guaranteeing you’ll come back for more! Of course, when given this assignment, I HAD to try several of the poll’s top picks, and this is one of my favorites. You’ll never go wrong bringing Carmen’s fried chicken and that broccoli and cheese pizza to your next tailgate, family reunion, or graduation party.

Experience Carmen’s mouthwatering menu

Fried Chicken Dinners from Monty’s By The Lake – Cortland

Monty’s in Cortland delivers high-quality flavor with fresh ingredients, all in a small diner setting. Whether you’re craving breakfast with their three-cheese omelet or are in the mood to sit down with one of their freshly pressed burgers, it’s hard to make a wrong choice when you walk into Monty’s. That trend continues with their fried chicken dinners, and regardless of your appetite, big or small, Monty’s Restaurant holds nothing back when it comes to home-cooked flavor, making it an easy choice for lunch or dinner.

Order from Monty’s By The Lake

Homemade Sauces & Fried Chicken from Caesars Italian Restaurant – Warren

Caesars Italian Restaurant has been a staple in Warren’s westside since it arrived in 1976. This is one of our poll’s top choices, and fans celebrate their fresh, made-to-order fried chicken and homemade sauces available seven days a week. It’s a must-try stop for any fried chicken fans. Caesars delivers a wide selection on their menu for those *gasp* non-chicken eaters in your crew. You can get an 8pc Wing Ding Dinner or a 20pc Family meal with mashed potatoes and gravy. There’s no question you’ll come away satisfied with Caesar’s delicious fried chicken!

Discover Caesars Italian Restaurant’s menu

Garlic-Infused Fried Chicken from Sunrise Inn – Warren

Old-world flavors and specialty pizzas are only the beginning for Sunrise Inn in downtown Warren. Established in 1929, this popular Italian Food Trail stop has a wide variety of options on its menu, and where better to start than their crunchy garlic-infused fried chicken? You will not be disappointed with its tender goodness. Popular menu items include their white and dark meat dinners or an order of wings in one of their 22 sauces at the bar. There’s a reason this local fan-favorite restaurant is going to be celebrating 100 years soon.

Get a Taste of Sunrise Inn’s Garlic Chicken

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