Trumbull County’s Best Cigar Lounges

Trumbull County is home to a few local gems when it comes to cigar shopping and lounges to enjoy them in.

Cigars are certainly not just for men; but if you’re looking for a great gift for dad it might not be a bad idea to keep reading!

Stop by these great shops to learn about cigars from their educated staff, buy a few gifts for friends and family, or sit and enjoy a smoke yourself! And don’t just take our word for it, check out the genuine dad reviews under each listing for a true, cigar-loving, fatherly opinion.

The Grand Resort: Cigar Lounge and Store

The Grand Resort in Howland is full of amazing amenities, restaurants, and bars… and one of those excellent spots is The Grand Lounge and Cigar Store. This lounge offers over 150 of the best cigar brands in a sophisticated space with plush leather chairs, large TVs, and private humidors. Open 24/7, you can relax by the fireplace or find a private area to enjoy your favorite cigar. And whether you’re stopping in to buy a gift and need advice or want to talk some deep cigar lore, their staff are extremely knowledgeable and happy to chat as long as you’d like. Hop over to the Medici Museum of Art right down the street before you leave!

Dad’s Review:

“It’s hard not to gush about this place. It’s the finest, most upscale location I’ve found throughout many I’ve visited in Ohio and on par with what you might expect to find in Las Vegas or Miami. Dark wood paneling with opulent furnishings and decor. The staff, especially Jovan and Dylan, are true cigar aficionados with an encyclopedic knowledge of their products. Medium-sized but expertly curated cigar selection. If you’ll settle for nothing but the best, you’ve found your home here!”

Sigaro: Cigar Store and Lounge

To put it simply, Sigaro is the ultimate cigar lounge where you can relax and chill with fellow enthusiasts. Founded by Jaime and Steve in downtown Hubbard, Sigaro is the perfect place to find a cigar community and hang out a while. The lounge has a beautiful walk-in humidor and a cozy seating area, plus they’ve even got an exclusive members-only lounge, complete with big-screen TVs and a game room if you’re really into the scene. It’s definitely a relaxing spot where you can puff away and solve the world’s problems. And you can walk right next door to have a glass of wine at Woodland Cellars and a bite to eat from “Too” Hot Mamas!

Dad’s Review:

“This place takes the prize for personality for me. Lovingly restored historic building featuring multiple smoking rooms decorated with local memorabilia. No bar on site but coffee and water available or bring your own beverage. Small walk-in humidor that is frequently updated with new selections. Lots of character to this place!”

Havana House

Walking into Havana House in Niles, it’s easy to see that it’s your best bet for a local shop that’s got all the answers. They’ve got it all – a killer selection, an online store that’s super convenient, and a cozy lounge where you can kick back and relax. They’ve been in the game for over 35 years, building awesome relationships and hooking up customers with the best products around. Plus, their crew is always ready to help you find your perfect purchase. And the best part is they have much more than cigars! Check out their expansive wine selection, craft beers, and local coffee that’ll blow your mind. And when you’re done, you’re conveniently right by the Eastwood Mall!

Dad’s Review:

“Havana House is the largest and most diverse cigar selection in the county. Owner Tony Bellatto is also the creator of his own cigar line, Ricochet/Bellatto Cigars! The vibe here is just as much ‘bar’ as it is ‘cigar lounge’ and the staff are more bartenders than cigar aficionados but if you love to cigar shop this is the place for you!”

Honorable Mention: Cordy’s Cigar Box

Located in Girard, Cordy’s deserves to be mentioned as a well-loved spot for cigar aficionados since 1995. What sets this shop apart is its diverse collection with premium cigars that collectors go out of their way to browse. But let’s hear from Dad!

Dad’s Review:

“Since you never get a second chance to make a good first impression, I must say this place looks like a tobacco/vape shop from the outside rather than a premium cigar retailer. They are, however, an official retailer for Davidoff Cigars, one of the most premium names in the industry. They also have a large walk-in humidor, though you’re likely to encounter quite a few empty boxes on the shelves.”