Norman Rockwell Now on Display at the Medici Museum of Art

Visit the Medici Museum of Art and explore Norman Rockwell: American Scouting Collection, which features American Art that adds to timely conversations in our immediate and global community.

Museum’s History

Supporting the visual arts in the region, the Medici Museum of Art in Northeast Ohio’s Trumbull County, (located just 1 hour from both Cleveland & Pittsburgh) opened its doors in 2019. The museum aspires to be more than a treasury of unique and beautiful objects. Every day, art comes alive in the Museum’s galleries and through its exhibitions, making connections and creating unexpected experiences across time and cultures.

Sparking Creativity in Uncertain Times

The current pandemic has forced museums to dig deep and ask important questions, redefining exhibition-making and the visitor experience in a COVID-19 world. At Medici Museum of Art, while we are open, we believe it is more important than ever to provide innovative programs that establish connections, spark creativity and reflection, battle isolation, and provide pure enjoyment. To that end, the museum created an app that allows patrons to view their entire collection digitally as well as providing an audio tour

Norman Rockwell Exhibition at the Medici Museum of Art

Currently on display is Norman Rockwell: American Scouting Collection, which features American Art that adds to timely conversations in our immediate and global community. Artworks include permanent works by painters and illustrators including Joseph Csatari, Walt Disney, Norman Rockwell, Carl Clemens, Mortiz Rungius, Howard Chandler Christy, and Joseph Christian Leyendecker among others, exploring themes such as classic America, its values and traditions. This exhibition also presents many works of art never previously seen together and speaks to a wide audience including Boy Scout enthusiasts, fans of Norman Rockwell, illustrators, painters, and the general public who appreciate great art. 

Norman Rockwell’s Art

When we view Rockwell’s work, he had an incredible talent for capturing the moment and providing a captivating snapshot of history. He painted over 4,000 works of art during his lifetime. The Medici Museum of Art is displaying 65 paintings of Rockwell that showcase his earliest works as he started his artistic career at age 19 working for the Boy Scouts of America. I certainly contend the BSA Collection depicts Rockwell at his most memorable, his best self artistically. Rockwell’s designs, his vision, and his drawings are figurative masterpieces that quite literally illustrate world history over a period of 100 years. As such, the BSA Collection generated so many incredible opportunities to allow Rockwell to paint history, a shared narrative of the past and American glory.

The Medici Museum of Art’s Norman Rockwell: American Scouting Collection is free to view and open Wednesday – Sunday 11 am – 4 pm. For further questions, feel free to call 330-856-2120 or visit https://www.medicimuseum.art/

For more information on the museum and its expansion project, visit their website!

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